A new machine and a new quilt

Last day of the year, time for flashbacks... but also time for something completely new: a Janome 2030 QC!

After lots of trouble with my old (ancient) Singer I really really really wanted a new sewing machine. And here it is! 

And since I don't have to work these days I used it to make a cute little baby-quilt, in fresh Dutch colours..

And in close-up:

The best thing of this quilt: EVERY stitch is perfect. I'm so happy with my new best friend!

Wish you all the best in 2012!



We wish you....

.... a merry Christmas!

wonderful days for you & your family!

And a few pics of my family-activities, just because they enjoy their Lego as much as I like quilting:




En deze hadden we nog tegoed!

Bijna kerst.... dat betekent dat de verjaardag van Fenna er weer op zit. En het was leuk! Hier wat plaatjes van hoe de stofjes uit mijn vorige post omgezet zijn in schortjes en een hoop lol.

en in actie ziet dat er zo uit:

Natuurlijk mocht ze ook tracteren op school, dus nog meer geknutsel. Leuk, jarig voor de kerstdagen!

Fijne dag,



Bijna jarig!

Onze jongste is bijna jarig. Altijd extra druk tussen Sint en Kerst maar natuurlijk maken we ook van deze verjaardag een leuk feestje! Dit jaar hebben we schortjes nodig voor de dames die op het feestje komen. Ze zijn nog niet klaar, maar de ingrediënten liggen er. Frisse kleurtjes, helemaal niet-kerst en dat is voor deze keer ook precies de bedoeling!

De grote rechthoeken worden het basisschortje, de gele stof de tailleband met strik op de rug en an de 8 verschillende stofjes daarboven komen er 8 verschillende zakken op het schortje.
Een beetje serveerster heeft natuurlijk een opschrijfboekje bij zich met een pen (het betreft een nog niet gedigitaliseerd restaurant ;-) ), en daar hebben we die zak voor nodig...

De basisstof had je misschien al herkend, komt van Ikea. Leuke stevige stof die voor ieder meisje een ander schortje op gaat leveren. Hier nog een plaatje:

Alles moet 21 dec klaar zijn, werk aan de winkel dus!


I proudly present...

... my finished Nativity quilt!

I made an Avent Calendar with numbers 1 - 24 with star-shaped buttons. Every morning one of the kids hangs a little bell on the right button. And as you can see, it mixes up with the lego-wintervillage very well.

Here's an other close up, I promiss it's the last Nativity picture I'll show. In real live the squares with the numbers are squares. It's not perfect, but I really like it.

There where lots of times I thought I'de never finish this quilt, and a few time I even thought about throwing it all away. So every December-month from now on I'll be a little proud of me, and enjoying this quilt very, very much.


working together

Er is een nieuw handwerkwinkeltje in de stad, en eerder deze week ging ik even langs met mijn dochtertje. Natuurlijk kon ik de knotjes, boekjes, pakketjes en andere fijne spulletjes niet weerstaan!
Ik kwam thuis met onder andere een nieuw materiaal kunstleer, om te borduren, speciaal leuk voor borduurstertjes in de dop.

Vanochtend gingen we aan de slag. En is het geen lief plaatje?

Het resultaat wordt leuk, en álle kruisjes staan dezelfde kant op! Natuurlijk is het nog niet af, nog 2 letters te gaan!

Ik ben zelf intussen ook verder aan het borduren, de kerstquilt moet echt af op 1 dec, dus alle andere projectjes liggen even weggestopt. Voor het blok van Maria heb ik nog geen tijd gehad, maar wel een paar cijfertjes erbij geborduurd.

't Is uit de losse pols dus niet helemaal strak, maar het wordt wel leuk!

Fijne dag,



shining buttons

As I wrote before, I want to make an Advent calendar with the Nativityblocks. Today I did some shopping, and I found the most special buttons I could image! Here some pics of them:

The pin next to the buttons is to show you how little they are, just a subtile sparkling element!

So here's my plan:
I make squares on darkblue fabric (same as I used in the quiltblocks)
with two different blue threads

In the squares I'll sew the numbers 1-25 (Advent!)
with yellow thread, and in every square a button to hang on a little ornament (Advent!).

I'll use the kettingsteek,
I found a good description (never been a good embroiderer :) ).

So now I'll search the net for a nice font to use.

And of course, still have to make the last 3 blocks. But I have a little hope that it's finished at the first of December...

Have a nice day!



The third king

A rainy sunday afternoon, time to make the third king, the Dec 22th block. It's quite a puzzle to find out which 'block' I made today, but it's the king who's standing in the middle of the other kings.

As you can see, there are only a few blocks left to make. The cradle, Josef and Maria: 3 blocks to go.

My plan is to embroider an Advent calendar beneath the nativityscene, on a dark blue fabric.

But first the last blocks, I'm looking forward to start with them!

Have a nice day,



another bag

Since I'm back to school (workrelated course, absolutely non-interesting for quilters) I have even less time to sew than before. But last week I had a birthdayparty at my sister's and I made her this big black bag:

with a flowerpin to spice it up a little:

And on the shoulder of my fashionmodel:

A few days later I found this picture in my mailbox:

So I guess it's a useful gift!

Have a nice day!


It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas! This morning on our way to school  there was so much rain, thunder and lightning that it definitely felt like at least October, so making the block of Dec 21th - shortest day of the year - was quite appropriate. It was not a big block, a little sheep, but with this one the whole left section is finished!

So like a big puzzle I'm just a few steps away from a finished top... you see the white spots in the picture below:

And it really was a good idea to paint our diningtable white, so good for the pictures (and not so good for me, after every meal I can see every little spot on it - although that forces me to be a good housewive :) )

Have a nice day!


The Nativityquilt - so far

It's Sunday-evening and after a busy but nice weekend I'm glad to show you a picture of the Nativityquilt so far. Yes, the camel is finished!

The left side with the shepherd and sheep looks a bit messy, but that's because I used a few pins, the parts are not sewed together yet. Next step is the missing sheep, so I can finish the whole left part.
It's still a quite exciting project, I'm looking forward to make that sheep!


back to school

I had some pink plans for this day, since the pink hexagon quilt is still not finished yet. I started very well:

But... (of course there's a 'but', it's friday and my boys are still busy with their holiday) there was a little job to do before they can start next week at school. So at the end of the day, the project I finished had nothing to do with pink:

De boeken zijn gekaft!

And since it's fridaynight right now, I'm sure there will be some sewingtime in the next few days. Everything is ready (even the camel without legs)!

Fijn weekend!



more www - quilting fun

Today I discovered a new internetmiracle, although maybe it's not that new...

If you wanna see my boards: take a look here

So I wonder: has anyone of you some nice pics of quilts and other sewing projects on Pinterest?

En zijn er ook al nederlandse quiltfoto's te bewonderen?

Have a nice day!



only 4 months...

... before it's christmas! Time to go back to business: the Nativity quilt. But oh dear oh dear I really had to find some courage to start. But after a little while I sorted things out like this:

Before the summer I started with the king and his camel (optimistically I posted Back on track - but it seemed to be a very short track I was back on!) It was a big block with a king (finished) and his camel (paper coloured - okay it's a start). And although my plans were bigger than this, I'm glad I made a new little step in this christmasproject:

So the camel is growing, and I left every piece of fabric at my desk so I can start as soon as I find som time to give this animal a pair of legs!

As you can see, my china cabinet is still there, waiting for a finishing touch.

Have a nice day!


Back home with blue french stars

It's been a while ago, but we've been caravanning in France, from the westcoast - Juno beach - to the Mediterrannée. We had a great time together, enjoying the land, the food, the sunshine, the landscape, and sometimes even a little patching!

I made 6 big blue stars by hand, nice job to do, in the morning when the kids were still asleep.
Here are the first 3 blocks (and there official names as far as I know, please let me know if you know better names!):


Union star (with a little different colourscheme)

 Sunflower (made while we stayed next to a field full of the real ones)

I have no pictures of the making-of of this blocks, but believe me, the circumstances were great - with much better conditions than here back home (it's like autumn outside, the quilting season starts early this year!)

Have a nice day!



big blue plans!

Since the pink hexagon one is almost done, it's time to think about a new handsewing project. I like to sew by hand, it's soooo relaxing. Of course it takes lots of time, but when you've accepted that fact, there's no stress (for me) in finishing it.

So here's a first idea: I proudly present (trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) the blue stars!

very basic design method with colourpencils of the kids and a piece of paper

and a little overview of the patterns of the stars and the fabrics I want to use, on a background of plain white cotton.

I really really want to make the first star. It will be my holidayproject, so in fact it's gonna be a French blue star quilt!

Have a nice day!



Little crochet trip

Last week a friend and I talked about crochet blankets. I tried it myself a few years ago:

I used different left-overs, 2 different patterns (no granny squares!) and quilted it, because I used it as a playmat)

I found more crochet-inspiration here, lovely coulours!

I go back to the fabric-patchwork thing, more my cup of tea...

Have a nice day!



Hexagon fever

I'm not the only quilting lady in the family anymore... my mother is infected by the hexagons too!
I love the fabrics she has choosen, different blue patterns.

Posted by Picasa
I/m very curious about the way all this blue hexagons will come together in one quilt.

Have a nice day!



time for pink paper piecing

Tweede Pinksterdag, druilerig buiten, binnen gezellig aan de slag! Sinds lange tijd de serviesdeeltjes weer uit de kast gepakt. Ik ben er vorig jaar in Denemarken mee begonnen, om deze techniek uit te proberen. Het leverde leuke blokken op waar ik er zo af en toe eens wat bij maakte. Vandaag heb ik er nog een paar bij gemaakt en ze aan elkaar genaaid. De eerste contouren van de kast worden zichtbaar!

De quilt-in -wording hangt even op mijn ' echte' servieskast. Leuk plaatje!

Fijne dag!



a little pink progression

So much to do in this last weeks before the summervacation... but today some stolen minutes brought me a little step forwards:

Hope to be back soon with more news!

Have a nice day,



Danish hexagons

We are back home from a familytrip to Denmark. Lots of time together, sun&see ánd a little sewing!

The plan is to finish the pink hexagon one soon, I want two borders of hexagonsflowers on each side.

It's the first time I've done this kind of sewing, thanks to all the quilting-experts on you-tube!

When I started I just wanted to make a row of flowers, but of course there must be a connection between the flowers... I used parts of the hexagons and I like the effect.

Have a nice day!