hexagons inspiration from the past

I'm still busy with the pink quilted hexagons. Today I read a book, The quilters' guild collection, about the traditions of British quiltmaking and how those traditions have enriched the modern quiltmakers.

It's fascinating that about 200 years ago ladies (I don't think men were involved...) made beautiful pieces.

Searching on the net I found more beautiful examples. What about this site, a real online quilt-museum: clickclick. In the hexagon-section I found these beauties:

1820s quilt. photo by Don Beld

and a detail of a hexagon-flower, all those prints were already available in 1820, almost 200 years ago!

Surfing on the net I found lots and lots of other pictures of beautiful quilts with hexagons. But instead of looking at other persons' work I'd better go on with my own projects... have a nice day!

And... I will go on with the Nativityquilt, I hope later this month.


a nice gift

January is not my favourite month of the year, but it started nice with a gift of my mother-in-law: fabrics!

So if I ever have time to do nothing else but sewing for a couple of days I can make a brandnewquilt! I have plans to make a postage stamp quilt of it, like this one that I found on the website http://www.quiltingbyruthann.com/:

This quilt is an antique one, how lovely.

In the meantime, I'm still sewing pink hexagons, 102 I made so far. I have an idea about how to change them into a lovely quilt, I'll show you later.

Have a nice day!


What I've done...

... this Christmas holiday: I found out that it's very nice to make little quilted hexagons by hand!

An old shoe box and some tools is all I need to have some fun.

And this is how it's gonna be. How cute is this! I've made 79 hexagons sofar, and bought some new pink fabrics, so I'll make some more.

Happy new year everybody!

Love, Anita