Pink&red (1)

Today a few pictures of the first patchworkquilt I'm working on. I started after visiting a quilt exhibition two years ago. I was impressed by the works I saw and bought a book, Quiltpatronen (quiltpatterns) by Davina Thomas, and a few pieces of fabric. On our trip in may that year to Denmark I started, by hand, making different blocks.

Together with my little girl, concentrated on our work.
At the end of our trip I finished a few blocks, but had no idea how to combine them in one quilt.

Trying which combination will work

Now, one and  a half year later, I'm quilting the sandwich, still by hand. It takes a lot of time but I like the result.
and it needs a bit of ironing

There are about 8 big blocks to quilt... to be continued!


Paper piecing (2)

Today I made a new block, this time a little cup with two saucers.

Isn't it a cutie? So this is number 12!


It's raining again, so plenty of time to make two pillows for my eldest.

The blue fabric was a curtain in former days, in the room of eldest, which name starts with F (you see, it's upside down; I can't get the picture in the right way, not only a quilt starter, also a blog-newby!).


Paper piecing (1)

When we were on our trip to Denmark last may I started something new: paper piecing. My mother gave me a book (Paper Piecing by Maaike Bakker) and I just started to cut and sew.

sewing by hand in our holidayhome in Denmark - can you see the sea outside the window?

I don't know yet what I'm gonna do with the blocks, but I really like them! I chose patterns of crockery and use different pink and red flowerprint fabrics.

So far I made this 11 blocks, and I hope to make a few more. To be continued...

Little bags

Outside it's raining cats & dogs, inside we had a lot of fun with some nice fabrics! My daughter and I worked together:

Thanks to the tutorial of Rachel Griffith.

We also made a matching little bag:
Also seen on the internet: thanks to Penny's tutorial.

Isn't is a nice couple? We had fun making it, and it was a good training, my first machine-quilting excersice.
The bags will be used by her playing 'shopping' :)