shining buttons

As I wrote before, I want to make an Advent calendar with the Nativityblocks. Today I did some shopping, and I found the most special buttons I could image! Here some pics of them:

The pin next to the buttons is to show you how little they are, just a subtile sparkling element!

So here's my plan:
I make squares on darkblue fabric (same as I used in the quiltblocks)
with two different blue threads

In the squares I'll sew the numbers 1-25 (Advent!)
with yellow thread, and in every square a button to hang on a little ornament (Advent!).

I'll use the kettingsteek,
I found a good description (never been a good embroiderer :) ).

So now I'll search the net for a nice font to use.

And of course, still have to make the last 3 blocks. But I have a little hope that it's finished at the first of December...

Have a nice day!


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  1. Oh I loved your posts on the Nativity hanging. I've just started it, still in Gathering mode.