Starry starry night...

After two busy weeks (nothing to do with quilting, lots to do with kids, work, sinterklaas) a new Nativityblock!

And the title of this post doesn't mean that I compare myself to Vincent van Gogh (like Don McClean sang) but to the block I made: Dec 12th.

I started like this today:

And with a little work it first became this.....:

.... and then: it finally looks like a starry starry night :) The little brown piece on the left side will become an angels' foot, the green piece is a leaf of a palm tree.

The complete picture so far:

So 12 blocks ready, 13 to go!


The second shepherd

Yeah, time for another Nativity-block! Today I made the block of Dec 11th, the second shepherd. Here it is:

I pinned it at my couch to make the picture, so it's quiet a special perspective... but if you look good you can see the foreground, a kneeling shepherd (with brown beard) and the dark brown background.

11 done, 14 to go!


First time

A few days ago I received a parcel, with a darning foot for my singer. Today I had enough courage to try it.

And these are the first tryings - no, it's not my little daughter who played with my sewing machine :)

And it's also interesting to see it up-side-down!

And here's another experiment... lots lots lots to learn. I guess (hope) that practise makes perfect!

Have a nice day!



Tonight I did some very relaxing hand-quilting, watching Project Runway and the Benelux topmodels. And I know my sewing has nothing to do with fashion, but it feels like a good combination.

"As you know in fashion, one day you're in, next day you're out." Well, my needle is 4 times in my quilt - at the same time!

"In front of me, I see four beautiful girls. Only one of them can be the Next Top Model". Unfortunately, I see only one quilt, more or less beautiful...

With special attention for the yellow ...ehhh... thing. My sister bought it for me, and it's really useful!

Thanks to Heidi and Tyra for these inspiring quotes :)


And there is Dec 10th!

Today I made the block of Dec 10th, so 10 blocks ready (15 to go....). The block of today shows the shepherd's crook. I made the shepherd before, and together it looks like this:

Today's block is the right one, I put it next to the shepherd to see what's it going to be. I like the way the road is made behind this man.

I also started with the 11th one today, a kneeling shepherd with so many pieces I 'll have to finish it later.

I really like the result, but I have my doubts if I'll ever be able to finish this quilt. It's so complicated, not only sewing the blocks, but also to choose the right colours, and later to sew the blocks together. I wonder how I ever had the courage to start....