only 4 months...

... before it's christmas! Time to go back to business: the Nativity quilt. But oh dear oh dear I really had to find some courage to start. But after a little while I sorted things out like this:

Before the summer I started with the king and his camel (optimistically I posted Back on track - but it seemed to be a very short track I was back on!) It was a big block with a king (finished) and his camel (paper coloured - okay it's a start). And although my plans were bigger than this, I'm glad I made a new little step in this christmasproject:

So the camel is growing, and I left every piece of fabric at my desk so I can start as soon as I find som time to give this animal a pair of legs!

As you can see, my china cabinet is still there, waiting for a finishing touch.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Mooi he, maar erg moeilijk, ik heb hem ook liggen, alleen getekend. Groetjes van JOke