Stars in spring

Today I had a few hours to spend with my Singer and my Nativityproject! Outside it really felt like spring, inside I worked on the starry night. I wonder if this is what Bianca Ryan means with "Why couldn't it be Christmas every day...

and in the overview of the sky:

I love them!

Next part to handle: the shepherd and his sheeps, here's a little preview:

I promise next picture of this group will be more interesting :)

Have a nice day!



The pink hexagons so far

Today I have a pic of the pink hexagonquilt so far. I made lots of the quilted hexagons, I stopped counting it....  Now it's time to make it a square, and then I have plans with little triangels and stripes.

En voor de oplettende kijker: zie je dat ik één half zeshoekje klaar heb? Het was een puzzel dus ik hoop dat de volgende sneller gaan!

Have a nice day!



little time for a little block

We had a busy weekend with a birthdayboy, so very little time for sewing - but much familytime, also very nice!

 And what a coincidence: the block of ec 18th is a very small one, a little candle in the stable.

And although this little flame is quite cute, it's more interesting to see it with another blocks:

I'm looking out for a whole day of nothing else but sewing Nativity-blocks... or at least a few hours and one big block!

Have a nice day,



The little angel of Dec 17th

Today I made the block of Dec 17th: a little angel and a palm tree. In fact this block contains 2 blocks, but I guess that has something to do with the idea of 25 blocks in this quilt. This block and the block of Dec 12th belongs together, and I had to sew the 17th block in parts to make them fit.

Sounds a bit fuzzy, I'll show you the pics:

So forget about which part belongs to which day, don't you love the result?

And since I really wonder how this quilt is going to look I sewed this angel and tree together to the first block I made, the Star of Bethlehem. I'm very glad with the overview so far!

I can't wait to make the next blocks... if only a day had 36 hours!

Have a nice day,



Learn young...

This sunday afternoon we had a family moment with fabrics, needles and fun! My boy is making little flags with his name on it at school, and my daughter just likes to make something with fabric and a lot of fantasy.

This boy is always busy playing football, I never saw him like this before! He made 3 blocks with letters of his name:

And here is his sister, also very concentrated with all my leftovers. I was working on the Nativity-block of Dec 17th, but I like her 'block' also very much:

Next step is teaching her how to use the Singer. She really wants it, but I don't know, she's only 7 years...

Have a nice day!