big blue plans!

Since the pink hexagon one is almost done, it's time to think about a new handsewing project. I like to sew by hand, it's soooo relaxing. Of course it takes lots of time, but when you've accepted that fact, there's no stress (for me) in finishing it.

So here's a first idea: I proudly present (trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) the blue stars!

very basic design method with colourpencils of the kids and a piece of paper

and a little overview of the patterns of the stars and the fabrics I want to use, on a background of plain white cotton.

I really really want to make the first star. It will be my holidayproject, so in fact it's gonna be a French blue star quilt!

Have a nice day!



Little crochet trip

Last week a friend and I talked about crochet blankets. I tried it myself a few years ago:

I used different left-overs, 2 different patterns (no granny squares!) and quilted it, because I used it as a playmat)

I found more crochet-inspiration here, lovely coulours!

I go back to the fabric-patchwork thing, more my cup of tea...

Have a nice day!



Hexagon fever

I'm not the only quilting lady in the family anymore... my mother is infected by the hexagons too!
I love the fabrics she has choosen, different blue patterns.

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I/m very curious about the way all this blue hexagons will come together in one quilt.

Have a nice day!



time for pink paper piecing

Tweede Pinksterdag, druilerig buiten, binnen gezellig aan de slag! Sinds lange tijd de serviesdeeltjes weer uit de kast gepakt. Ik ben er vorig jaar in Denemarken mee begonnen, om deze techniek uit te proberen. Het leverde leuke blokken op waar ik er zo af en toe eens wat bij maakte. Vandaag heb ik er nog een paar bij gemaakt en ze aan elkaar genaaid. De eerste contouren van de kast worden zichtbaar!

De quilt-in -wording hangt even op mijn ' echte' servieskast. Leuk plaatje!

Fijne dag!



a little pink progression

So much to do in this last weeks before the summervacation... but today some stolen minutes brought me a little step forwards:

Hope to be back soon with more news!

Have a nice day,