Back home with blue french stars

It's been a while ago, but we've been caravanning in France, from the westcoast - Juno beach - to the Mediterrannée. We had a great time together, enjoying the land, the food, the sunshine, the landscape, and sometimes even a little patching!

I made 6 big blue stars by hand, nice job to do, in the morning when the kids were still asleep.
Here are the first 3 blocks (and there official names as far as I know, please let me know if you know better names!):


Union star (with a little different colourscheme)

 Sunflower (made while we stayed next to a field full of the real ones)

I have no pictures of the making-of of this blocks, but believe me, the circumstances were great - with much better conditions than here back home (it's like autumn outside, the quilting season starts early this year!)

Have a nice day!


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