Christmas vacation: time for a Christmas bouquet

So this post has nothing, really nothing to do with quilting, sewing or fabrics but it's the time of the year, no school, no job, and so we made this together with my mum and daughter today!

The ladies are working very hard...

... and here you can see what we made!
It's becoming to look a lot like Christmas...

I wish you all a merry Christmas!




More pink flowers!

First: it's not that I quit with the Nativity quilt, but I have so much other things to do that I can't find the time (and concentration) to make a new block. And since I planned to complete the Nativity quilt for Christmas 2011 I think it can wait a little...

So now I'm working on a pink project, which excists of lots of tiny little quilts. And as you can see, it's going to be a nice collection of quilted hexagons:

I'm using fabric with flowers in a range of white-pink-purple for the foreground, and dots, squared or plain pink for the background. I've collected different fat quarters with flowers, but still looking for more! No plans for the final size yet, in the original pattern (king size bed) there are 267 (!!!!) hegaxons, and of course lots of half hexagons (no idea how to make those... I'll find out later).

Here's a pic of the work in progess. Nice fabrics!

Have a nice day!


Something different with hexagons

In my last post I showed my first completed quilt. In the meantime I allready have almost completed the Pink and red one too, I'll show you later. So I'm thinking about a new project (next to the Nativity quilt, I'm not quitting!).

Today I read in a few magazines and saw a (to me) new technique with hexagons, and I tried a few. Here are some pics:

Every completed hexagon is made out of a big and a small one of pink fabric, and a fiberfill one.

Press the seams of the fabric hexagons and ...

... fold the fiberfill in the big one, put the little on top of it and sew together.

The fun thing is, after sewing the little one on the big one it's already quilted!

You see, I only have to sew them together... but I'll wait with that after making a few more hexagons.

Have a nice day!


Yeah!!! my first completed quilt

Well, what can I say, the title is enough for this post I guess :)
Yesterday I completed my first quilt, the Delft blue one. And here are the pictures!

Here it is,made for Thijs as you can read. All the fabrics are in blue-white, so I choose red thread for the stitching, to give it a little more power.

After the sewing I washed and dried it in the machine, a little excited (wouldn't it shrink, or fall apart) so my husband took it out of the dryer (I didn't dare). Well, I'm happy with the result, ready for a new one!

Here I was a little to enthousiastic with my Singer, I sewed the pin onto the quilt... no worries, I removed it before I gave it to my son.

So one last picture of this Delft blue one, and then it's time to move on! There are lots of other projects waiting!


Dec 13th: the shepherd gets a little sheep

Today it's time for Dec 13th (I'm coming closer to the real date!). The block shows the sheep that's with the shepherd I made earlier (Here he is with his crook).

Not a very difficult one, nice for this time! I made a picture of this new block together with the shepherd. The sheep has a bit of a strange head, but I hope that is solved after sewing all the blocks together...

With this block, I'm more than halfway through!

Have a nice day!