happy easter

Today it's Good Friday, and in the Netherlands it's a custom to have easter branches with little eggs, chickens or other easter-ish things in it. Today I took some branches out of the garden, and made little hearts to hang in it. I used thick felt (left-overs from Christmas :) ) and different colours of embroidery silk.

Here in the Netherlands we have the highest temperatures ever in april. I guess there will be lots of bbq-ing this weekend!

Have a good, happy easter,



pink news

This weekend I bought some fabric for the pink hexagonquilt. I want to make some quilted binding in the same way I made the hexagons. It's gonna take some time, I sew it all by hand, but it's quite relaxing...

Here's a little preview, lotssssss of stiches to make!

To be continued,
have a nice day!


Big Quilted Bag

Next time I go shopping at the market, go to the library, beach, swimmingpool, or other place where you need lots of stuff (or will buy lots of stuff):

And to show you that it is really a BIG bag here's a pic with my favorite topmodel:

Als je heeeeel goed kijkt zie je de lente in de tuin: de rodondendron staat in bloei!

Have a nice day!



trying to sew

After a flu-ish week I had no courage to sew a camel or a king, so I did some free-seewing today. Months ago I made a few blocks, sort of  log cabin, and today was a good day to use those blocks for some freestyle practise with the sewing machine!

The plan is to make a bag of it, I'll show you when it's done, here's a collage (yeah my first Picasa-collage!) of the quilting:

I tried different patterns (and sometimes it felt more like surviving to synchronize hands and feet, I'm quite sure I'll feel the muscles in my arms tomorrow, no gym for me anymore!). Practise makes perfect I guess....

Thanks for all your comments and emails about the Nativityproject, it really helps me to go on with it!

Have a nice day,