Quilted birthday present

Today we had a little birthday party for my mum. Since she made lots of handmade presents for other people, I made her something today. Here it is:

I used the pincushiontutorial from Abyquilt (click here) but made it a little different. The card is made by my daughter!

This is the inside of the cover (don't know how to call it), contains a little needle book and a notebook.

It was so much fun to make!  And we had a great day together with the family.

Have a nice day!



More Nativity: Dec 16th- Donkey

Since I really start believing in this project, I've more energy to work on the blocks. So today I proudly present you the Dec 16th-block: Donkey! My daughter, who doesn't speak English yet, asked me why this animal was called Donkey, like the one in Shrek. She was really surprised that "donkey" is the english word for this grey little horse with long ears! And here he is:

The legs of the donkey are also part of another block, so here's the overview so far:

I'm so excited, because the contours of the cave with the cow and donkey are visible now. Of course, Joseph, Maria and the Child are the objects of the last blocks, supposed to sew at Christmas Eve (as if anyone ever has time for that at that moment...)

Have a nice day!


Dec 15th: a dog (or wolf)

Yeah, today I made the block of Dec 15th! It's supposed to be dog, but by using grey-ish fabrics it looks like a wolf.

I only made the dog today, but since it belongs next to the cat, I sewed them together.

And all the blocks I made so far:

I have to admit: today is the first day that I think it might be really nice when finished.
So I'll keep up the good work and will be back soon - 8 blocks to go.

Have a nice day!



Big pincushion

Today I have an interesting picture for you, my very big personal pincushion:

I use my chair ... very easy

Tomorrow it's time for Dec 15th!

Have a nice day,



Back on track: Dec 14th

I saw some snowdrops (the flowers, not the icecold stuff :) ) in de the garden today, spring is in the air!

Inside our house I took my box with Nativityblocks and fabrics. Time to go on with the christmasquilt, there are lots of blocks to make for it! I made the block of  Dec 14th, a king, sitting on a camel, but the camel is another block so you need some imagination to admire him.

I'm very glad that I'm back on track, hope to show more blocks soon!


Our silver-medal winning little lady!

Okay, so this has nothing to do with quilts, but isn't she cute!

Tweede plaats in de clubkampioenschappen van turnen!

Have a nice day!


pink&red one: last post

In march 2009 I visited an exibition of quilts at the Fries Museum Leeuwarden. I was so impressed by all those beautiful quilts that I bought some fabrics, a book and I started to make different blocks. I had no idea what to make of those blocks, I just wanted to try to make different blocks - all by hand, I didn't know anything about quilting and all the quick techniques there are.

And today, 2 years later, I show you the quilt I made of all those blocks. It's a real trying-to-quilt-quilt, because it's a mixture of all those blocks I wanted to sew! So with some sashings and a little fantasy, it became a pink&red quilt.

And here are a few details: my favorite combination of 4 blocks with a star :

So I sewed all the blocks by hand, and used my singer for the sashings. The quilting I did by hand. There were lots of moments when I thought that I could never ever finish this project, and I'm soooo glad it is right now! I read other blogs of ladies who make a quilt every month...
 So one final picture and I'll go on with my other projects.

Have a nice day!



handsewing: more pink flowers

Vandaag even een kleine tussenstand van de roze bloemenhexagoontjes. Aangezien het allemaal handwerk is (snijden, tekenen, strijken, vouwen, naaien) schiet het niet zo snel op, maar het is een leuk klusje wat altijd wel even tussendoor kan, zelfs in de auto...

 Ik ben begonnen met het aan elkaar naaien van cirkels, maar nu overgestapt in banen, dat werkt makkelijker, en uiteindelijk wil ik graag een rechthoekig kleed hebben!

En om een beetje variatie te houden in de blokjes hier wat nieuwe aanwas van bloemetjesstofjes.

Fijne dag!