Delftblue sewing!

As I wrote before, I started to quilt the Delftblue one with my Singer. I've done smaller projects before, but this is the first quilt (size: single bed) that I sew with my machine.

I talked to an older quilting lady the other day and she told me that only quilting by hand is quilting, otherwise it's sewing, not quilting. She said in a very strong way, so I got a feeling of being a very bad girl to think there is something like quilting on a machine...

As you see I use red thread, it really gives a bit of power to it. I combine sewing in the ditch and just straight lines, depending on the pattern of the blocks.

It's more difficult than I thougt it would be, but I like the effect. It's half done, I hope to finish it soon!

Tomorrow it's time for another Nativity block!

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  1. Your friend sure wouldn't like the quilt i did on a longarm machine then... LOL oh well. Love this one.