The pink&red one: still going strong

Goodmorning! Reading this blog, you could get the idea that I forgot about the pink&red one. Well, that's wrong. The quilt-in-pogress lies on the couch, and every now and then I sew a little block. And since this quilt is for my daughter, 6 years old, there was a strong need for some blingbling. So in one of the cornerblocks I made her initials, with ribbon and some (little sparkling) bangels. Here are some pics:

I'm working on the block top left, and the blocksdown under are still waiting for some quilting (and some ironing, I'm afraid the cat has tested this as a potential catbed, well he'd better forget about that!).
All the blocks are square, the strange model of the blocks in the middle are caused by the way the quilt hangs over a couch.

It's a nice thing to do, and I'm allready thinking about a new handsewing project.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Die is echt supermooi!! (btw heb je dit echt vanmorgen om 4:39 gepost?)