New nativity blocks: a cow

Today it was a very sunny Octoberday, and after enjoying it with a familywalk I made a Nativity block - Dec 7th. Very complex with 44 pieces. Difficult part of making this quilt is to choose the right fabrics. Lots of it must be a kind of brown, and although I have a little collection of fabrics, I don't have so much browns:

Luckily my mother's collection is much bigger, with more browns, but still it's hard to fill in the colours in a right way. Here's all the stuff I need to make one block:

So today I made a checked cow. I had some doubts when I started, but I like the result, and it really is a cow!

How cool is this! And also in this picture: two pairs of brandnew very very sharp scissors! Thanks to my mum for this very useful birthdaygift!

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