Dec 13th: the shepherd gets a little sheep

Today it's time for Dec 13th (I'm coming closer to the real date!). The block shows the sheep that's with the shepherd I made earlier (Here he is with his crook).

Not a very difficult one, nice for this time! I made a picture of this new block together with the shepherd. The sheep has a bit of a strange head, but I hope that is solved after sewing all the blocks together...

With this block, I'm more than halfway through!

Have a nice day!


  1. Congratulations! From now on it's downhill ;).

  2. Thanks! I really thought I could finish it before Christmas when I started,but right now I'm happy with every block I make...

  3. vorig jaar heb ik 'm ook gemaakt, (de foto's staan volgens mij nog op QuiltNed) het zó leuk om te maken.
    succes met jouw quilt.
    groetjes, Adrie