And there is Dec 10th!

Today I made the block of Dec 10th, so 10 blocks ready (15 to go....). The block of today shows the shepherd's crook. I made the shepherd before, and together it looks like this:

Today's block is the right one, I put it next to the shepherd to see what's it going to be. I like the way the road is made behind this man.

I also started with the 11th one today, a kneeling shepherd with so many pieces I 'll have to finish it later.

I really like the result, but I have my doubts if I'll ever be able to finish this quilt. It's so complicated, not only sewing the blocks, but also to choose the right colours, and later to sew the blocks together. I wonder how I ever had the courage to start....


  1. Don't give up! It's going to be stunning and I can't wait to see the whole picture. Maybe if it's not finished by this Christmas, there's always another year! Cheers Vreni

  2. Thanks vreni for your comment! That's just what I need to hear!