Yeah!!! my first completed quilt

Well, what can I say, the title is enough for this post I guess :)
Yesterday I completed my first quilt, the Delft blue one. And here are the pictures!

Here it is,made for Thijs as you can read. All the fabrics are in blue-white, so I choose red thread for the stitching, to give it a little more power.

After the sewing I washed and dried it in the machine, a little excited (wouldn't it shrink, or fall apart) so my husband took it out of the dryer (I didn't dare). Well, I'm happy with the result, ready for a new one!

Here I was a little to enthousiastic with my Singer, I sewed the pin onto the quilt... no worries, I removed it before I gave it to my son.

So one last picture of this Delft blue one, and then it's time to move on! There are lots of other projects waiting!

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