The little angel of Dec 17th

Today I made the block of Dec 17th: a little angel and a palm tree. In fact this block contains 2 blocks, but I guess that has something to do with the idea of 25 blocks in this quilt. This block and the block of Dec 12th belongs together, and I had to sew the 17th block in parts to make them fit.

Sounds a bit fuzzy, I'll show you the pics:

So forget about which part belongs to which day, don't you love the result?

And since I really wonder how this quilt is going to look I sewed this angel and tree together to the first block I made, the Star of Bethlehem. I'm very glad with the overview so far!

I can't wait to make the next blocks... if only a day had 36 hours!

Have a nice day,


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  1. Your are getting closer and closer! Lovely little angel and great top of a palm tree!