Learn young...

This sunday afternoon we had a family moment with fabrics, needles and fun! My boy is making little flags with his name on it at school, and my daughter just likes to make something with fabric and a lot of fantasy.

This boy is always busy playing football, I never saw him like this before! He made 3 blocks with letters of his name:

And here is his sister, also very concentrated with all my leftovers. I was working on the Nativity-block of Dec 17th, but I like her 'block' also very much:

Next step is teaching her how to use the Singer. She really wants it, but I don't know, she's only 7 years...

Have a nice day!



  1. O wat leuk!! En dat doen ze helemaal vrijwillig?? Gezellig zeg :-)

  2. niet helemaal vrijwillig hoor, Thijs deed gewoon zijn huiswerk!