pink&red one: last post

In march 2009 I visited an exibition of quilts at the Fries Museum Leeuwarden. I was so impressed by all those beautiful quilts that I bought some fabrics, a book and I started to make different blocks. I had no idea what to make of those blocks, I just wanted to try to make different blocks - all by hand, I didn't know anything about quilting and all the quick techniques there are.

And today, 2 years later, I show you the quilt I made of all those blocks. It's a real trying-to-quilt-quilt, because it's a mixture of all those blocks I wanted to sew! So with some sashings and a little fantasy, it became a pink&red quilt.

And here are a few details: my favorite combination of 4 blocks with a star :

So I sewed all the blocks by hand, and used my singer for the sashings. The quilting I did by hand. There were lots of moments when I thought that I could never ever finish this project, and I'm soooo glad it is right now! I read other blogs of ladies who make a quilt every month...
 So one final picture and I'll go on with my other projects.

Have a nice day!



  1. Well done! It turned out beautiful. I love the feeling I get when I finally finish something which was a work in progress for a long time ;). Vreni x

  2. Thanks! You're right, it's the feeling of finishing that's great. But I really hope I don't need so much time for my other projects!
    Bye, Anita