A little shepherd with a black beard

Allthough it's only September and not December the 2th today I made the second Nativity-block. Before I started I sorted out all the fabric I need.

Part of the pattern is this colourscheme, and gladly my mother had a lot of fabrics collected in the last years. There are lots of browns and greys needed, and as you can see in the picture I made a start. I've chosen all the colours that are used many times.

And so I made the 2th block today:

As you see, lots of very very little pieces. It's like a little bit of magic: sewing all those little pieces together, then attaching the different parts... and there is the shepherd!

This very special man is wearing a tunica of the same fabric my mother has a blouse of... how wonderful is that!

So this is the second block. 24 to go!

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