First star!

Today I made the first block of the Nativity-quilt.

This first block is made of 4 parts (so I think in fact I made 4 blocks today ;) )

Since this is the first, I'll show the steps to make it. Here's the first part A.

The second part, B shows different colors of blue, that make the star shines!

The third and last part, C and D. You can also see a little piece of the shelter.
The most difficult part to me was sewing A, B, C and D together.

So, well, this is the first block. It's definately not perfect but hey, what really matters: the star of Bethlehem is shining!
25 blocks to go...


  1. From where I am it looks pretty perfect! I also like to paper piece! I'm looking forward to seeing the nativity quilt "coming alive"! Happy Sewing! Vreni x

  2. Paper piecing makes any block perfect as long as you sew on the lines! That is the beauty of paper piecing, they take out all the stress of matching seams or points etc.

    Good luck with the rest of the blocks.

  3. Anita, I found you through the comment you wrote for quiltmaker.com blog. You know, the one where we had to rhyme like Dr. Seuss? Well, I clicked on your name and hopped over to your blog (sorry I don't have a blog.) Would love to have one after the first of the year.

    But I just had to comment! This is wonderful!!!! I love how you started on the Star of Bethleham...to see you through the other 25? blocks. I'm a newbie to quilting. What pattern are you using? Your own?
    It's wonderful!!! nsue21702 at gmail dot com